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Hegerfeld, Chuck

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Hegerfeld, Chuck

UC Advantage Land Company

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Humility. Integrity. Reliability. Having been in finance his entire adult life, Chuck has foundational experience. The value he brings to land owners and buyers through his understanding of finance, investments and economics is priceless. He has served in the real estate sector for 19 years, assisting in marketing a variety of South Dakota and Minnesota properties.

With a degree in agricultural economics from South Dakota State University, Chuck’s primary focus is serving as the President of BankStar Financial, which he has led since 1998 and grown from one to three locations in Brookings County, South Dakota.

Chuck and his wife Toni have four daughters and are active in their community and church. Chuck enjoys an occasional pheasant hunt, spending time with family, taking in his daughter’s basketball & volleyball games and being a subtle, but influential family member. Chuck not only is a valued part of our family but is a tremendous asset to our family business as his character and attitude steer us toward building lifetime relationships.

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