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Quilting in the Country

Posted by United Country Real Estate on September 20, 2018
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When you think of sitting back in your home in the country on a cold, snowy day, making a quilt might be something that comes to mind. Whether you need it for extra warmth, keep for memories or give as a gift, a quilt offers many different uses.

Since we’re already heading into fall, we’re giving you a head start on making a quilt just in time for winter by providing some quick tips to help get you going.

Choose cotton.

By selecting 100 percent cotton fabric, the weight and texture of each block will be the same and make it easier to sew together. Bonus reason: it’s also very soft and warm.

Prepare thread in advance.

If you pre-wind some bobbin thread ahead of time, it will speed things up by reducing the time you spend on rethreading the needle each time you run out of thread.

Don’t use pins.

Pinning takes a lot of time and it’s not always reliable. If you use water-soluble glue, you can line up your pieces quickly and just wash away the glue when you’re done.

Change the blades.

Change and clean your blades in your cutters and the needle in your machine before every project you begin. That will ensure great results.

Invest in a sewing machine.

A quarter-inch presser foot machine will give you the best accuracy. It will sew small seams as well as bind heavier quilting together.

Learn from a pro.

If you’re a beginner and never sewn before, you might want to invest in a sewing class before you get started.

Once you’ve finished your first, or next, quilt, start a photo album of your quilts with the date it was made and who it was made for to keep track of your memories. Then, make sure your quilt is kept in a safe, clean place like on your bed, couch or wrapped in a clean white sheet.

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