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Yurts: Country Living in Style

Posted by United Country Real Estate on August 20, 2018
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More and more people are settling down in unique housing with the rising popularity of tiny homes, survival properties and now, yurts. Yurts are a circular tent-like building that are affordable and eco-friendly.

Typically, yurts range in size from 12 feet to 30 feet and cost $5,000 to $20,000. They are also easy to assemble, making them ideal to put on your purchased land or use for recreational purposes like a camping or hunting trip. Recent updates to yurts with better insulation make them more efficient to heat than normal houses. The other benefit to owning a yurt is that they are highly customizable. They can be made in any color and, depending on your budget, have all the amenities like air conditioning, wet bars, plumbing and hot tubs. Before you decide to purchase your own yurt, make sure you look into some important factors.

Know the laws.

Every city and state may have different bylaws or zoning requirements, especially with unconventional buildings like yurts. Check with your local and county governments on what you can and can’t do.

Inclement weather.

As mentioned above, you can customize your yurt with heat and air conditioning and make them sturdy enough to handle some high winds. However, keep in mind that yurts are built similar to a tent so if you live somewhere with heavy snowfall or extreme wind gusts, a yurt might not be your best bet.

Where’s the bathroom?

There are cases where you can add plumbing to your yurt, but there’s also a chance that you might have to have a bathhouse outside. In times where a yurt is used for a residence and not just for camping, you might want to hire a yurt contractor to make sure you get a septic tank on your property.

Overall, a yurt might be a good idea if you’re thinking about glamping, using it as a temporary or flexible residence (maybe while building something permanent?) or using it as an investment property – renting it out as a vacation rental, hunting rental or an Airbnb. There’s no better getaway than in the country.

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