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Grow Your Income: Start a Fruit Farm

Posted by wordpressadmin on August 21, 2018
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Whether you own a farm or a country home with acreage, a fruit farm can be a good option for you if you’re looking for extra income. The good news is that fruit farming actually requires less resources and less labor than traditional farming so you can still hold your full-time job and use your fruit farm as supplemental income.

Besides requiring less time and resources, there are many more advantages to running a fruit farm. They are more efficient due to a lower cost and less labor, a fruit farmer can make a large profit off of smaller crop. The current trend of smaller trees in fruit crops like apple and pears increases production per acre and increases early yields. Also, if you grow fruits like berries, you can harvest throughout the growing season and freeze the berries if you need to, giving you more flexibility in sales.

To get started, there are many steps and factors to take into consideration and follow in order to have a successful business. Here are a few to pay close attention to:

  1. Research and identify your market. Before you know what you can and should grow, you need to know the market you live in. What does your climate allow? What fruits are needed in your area or are in demand?
  2. Create a business plan with defined goals. Create your plan from start to finish. What are you going to grow? What will your budget be? What tools and resources do you need? Establish your timeline and set realistic goals for yourself.
  3. Complete all of the necessary paperwork. Each city, county and state have different rules, zoning laws and guidelines to follow. Make sure you follow all ordinances and fill out the proper paperwork for starting a farming business.
  4. Build awareness. Once you’ve dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s, you’re ready to start marketing your new business. Start networking with restaurant managers, grocery store owners and other community members. Utilize social media marketing and other digital marketing to spread the word. The more outlets you can share your message through, the better.

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