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Charles Wingert




Charles D Wingert
Broker / Co-Owner

P: (712) 336-2472



Chuck, the Broker for the office, obtained his real estate license and opened his real estate business in 1978. He started his real estate career as an office affiliated with a national marketing company, United Country Real Estate over 38 years ago. Over the years, Chuck’s knowledge and skills properly valuing and providing real estate advice on hotels, motels, small businesses and farms became recognized by sellers and buyers in Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota and beyond. Born & raised on a farm in north Iowa, Charles D. Wingert, who goes by the nickname “Chuck”, has spent his lifetime actually “living” that small-town & rural lifestyle that he loves and dearly respects. Chuck is a 1959 graduate of Iowa State University with a degree in Agriculture Business and Economics. He managed a farmer owned, farm supply & grain marketing cooperative and a farmer owned soybean processing plant for 17 (of the first 19) years out of college. At the age of 40, he made the decision to return to a lifestyle of “living on the land” and to take his livelihood in a different direction. With the help of his wife, Marilyn, and their seven children, a 2-story home, with several offices built into the lower level, was constructed on a small farm near Spirit Lake, IA.

Marilyn Wingert



Marilyn Wingert

P: (712) 336-2472

E: mwingert@ucheartland.com



Marilyn obtained her real estate license and joined Chuck in the business of marketing real estate in 1979. Since then Marilyn has gained tremendous experience and expertise in the marketing and sales of over 300 hotels, motels and small businesses. Marilyn, Chuck and Jon are licensed to market motels, hotels, small businesses and other related real estate located within their three states market area of Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota. The background, training and experience of these three individuals who make up Heartland Real Estate, when combined with the regional, national and global marketing ability of United Country Real Estate, result in an unprecedented opportunity for motel and hotel, small business and farm buyers and sellers. We’ve told our story; now feel free to tell us yours! Let’s get acquainted.

Jon Wingert

P: (712) 336-2472

E: jonwingert@ucheartland.com

Jon, Marilyn and Chuck’s son, worked for several years in the home improvement and construction business, then joined their real estate business, as a salesperson, in 1995. In the spirit of the family business, Jon has gained an expertise in the marketing of hotels, motels, small businesses and farms. He has also been able to apply his experience and knowledge in marketing, technology, home improvement and construction to his real estate consulting services. United Country – Heartland Real Estate is one of a very few, if not the only real estate company dedicated to servicing and providing unique marketing to the hotel and motel industry. The team operates primarily in three states, including Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota. Although given their specialty in hotel and motel property marketing, they have sold in numerous other Midwestern states. Their specialty marketing includes exclusive, owned and one of a kind top ranked Hotel and Motel for Sale and Bed & Breakfast for Sale websites, the only national databases of Hotel and Motel buyers, advertising in hotel and motel magazines and trade publications, advertise in exclusive national catalogs, access to all hotel and motel owners in the US and Canada.