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Clearing Land

Posted by United Country on September 20, 2018
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There are many reasons to clear a piece of land. Perhaps you want to build a home or barn, convert acreage to cultivation, or graze animals. Regardless of reason, clearing trees and other vegetation from acreage can seem like a daunting task, but with the right plan, advice and tools it doesn’t have to be.

Know Your Costs

Even if you plan on doing it yourself, there will be costs involved in clearing land. Before starting the project, be sure you have a budget in place to cover equipment rental and hiring professionals. Determine if clearing the acreage for your intended use will make sense financially in the long term, and since issues almost always arise, have a cushion to incur additional costs if necessary.

Develop a Plan

Before clearing acreage, have a plan in place for what you want to do with the land. If your plan is to grow crops, be sure to get the soil tested and determine if the crops you plan to grow will thrive. If livestock is the plan, be sure that you’ll have the proper amount of space and climate to support the type and amount of livestock you want to raise. Talk to other local farmers or your local ag extension office so you have all the information you need. If you plan to build a home, barn or other structure, be sure to check with local ordinances to ensure your land is zoned properly.

Determine Timber Value

If you’re clearing wooded land, the timber is worth something to someone. Consult a local forester or timber valuation expert to determine how much the timber you plan to remove is worth. You may discover that the value of the timber can partially or completely offset the costs of clearing the land.

Get the Right Equipment

Owning or renting the right equipment can make clearing even large tracts of land much quicker and easier. A track harvester is the fastest way to fell and transport a large number of trees, while a stump grinder will help take care of what’s left behind. A brush mower is usually the best tool for clearing out brush and other smaller vegetation, and string trimmers and string mowers can be used to clear out unwanted fields and grasses.

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