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Protect Your Land from Wildfires

Posted by United Country on September 3, 2019
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Unfortunately, we have all seen the devastating effects of wildfires across the country. These fires burn millions of acres of land on average each year. They can start suddenly and spread rapidly without warning. It’s important to always be prepared and have an active plan in place, even if you’re just protecting your land.

While controlled fires are crucial and helpful to land management, it’s important for a fire not get out of hand. Preparation is crucial to keeping your land and yourself safe from such a disaster.

  • Design with safety in mind. Stone, concrete, mineral wool and potassium silicate are fireproof/fire-resistant materials that will help keep your property more safe.
  • Remove all branches and debris, especially close to any structures. Adding fuel breaks, like pathways or driveways, can provide a barrier to help prevent fire from spreading on or to your property.
  • Controlled fires, particularly on properties with pine trees, are commonly used by forest management to remove underbrush. Burning away debris eliminates fuel for wildfires significantly reducing potential damage to your land.
  • Maintain a safe space. Items can ignite from up to 100 feet away during an intense wildfire. Your property should be safeguarded and watered regularly. It’s also important to always leave ample space for emergency personnel to access the area should the situation arise.

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