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Water Well Basics for Your Land

Posted by United Country on June 15, 2018
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Depending on what you use your land for, having a reliable water source can be essential or just a nice convenience. If you primarily use your land for recreation such as hunting or camping on weekends, a well might not be a top priority. However, if you plan to use a portion of it to raise crops and livestock or build a permanent cabin or vacation home, a water well can be a great resource.

Getting Started

Before planning any new well, your first step should be to check with the local government to see if a permit is required to drill. If you’re working with a contractor to build a home or cabin on your land, talk to them about legal requirements to ensure that the proper permits are obtained.

Water Requirements

Next, you need to determine how much water you need from your well. The type of material beneath the ground surface can determine whether or not the area will be able to supply enough water for your needs, and a licensed and certified well driller should be able to provide you with this information. However, the amount of water you will need depends on your uses.

A home or cabin with two to four people will need roughly 150-300 gallons of water daily if using bathrooms and laundry. Seasonal use, more rustic accommodations, watering livestock and crop irrigation can all have varying water requirements depending on size and climate. Your local drilling contractor can help you determine these requirements and how best to accommodate them.

Choosing a Well Location

Use the following as minimum distances for installations from your wellhead, but be sure to check local and state codes for more stringent standards:

  • Landfill, garbage dump: 200ft
  • Cesspool receiving sewage: 200ft
  • Pit, privy or filter bed: 50ft
  • Septic tank, tile sewer or foundation drain: 50ft
  • Outer boundary of any road: 20ft
  • Iron sewer with approved mechanical joints: 10ft
  • Property boundary: 5ft
  • Pumphouse floor drain: 2 ft

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