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Preparing Your Ranch Equipment for Winter

Posted by United Country on December 11, 2017
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It’s that time of year to pack up the heavy-duty tools and machinery for the season on ranches and farms. All over the U.S., shorter days signal the urgency to get preventative maintenance and preparation done before the dead of winter strikes.

Ranchers knowingly have a large list of important items to check off of their lists. Equipment needs to be cleaned, covered and stored until spring hits. We’ve broken down a few important things that should be on those to-do lists for your ranch every year.

  1. Assess the damage. Go over all of your equipment to check for any cracks, chipped paint, dirty or rusted parts or other possible problems. Order any parts as needed, or take equipment to a dealer if a special repair needs to be made.
  2. Clean thoroughly. Remove any dirt or debris from the outside as well as the inside of all of your equipment. Check your oil and other fluids as well as air pressure in your tires. It’s almost like giving your equipment a “tune up” and keeps the equipment in better working condition for spring.
  3. Lubricate and make repairs. Once you’ve accessed the damage and cleaned your equipment, it’s time to change the oil, fill up the tires, replace old parts or even get a whole new piece of equipment.
  4. It’s time to hibernate. Storing your equipment somewhere safe is the best way to protect it. If you don’t have a shed, barn or other shelter for storage, make sure everything is covered using a waterproof cover. Added tip: think about which things you will need first in the spring and pack them in last (or on top) for easier recovery.

A rancher or farmer’s equipment is a costly investment. That’s why it’s important to follow these steps to not only save you some money on tools and equipment, but to also be ready for an efficient start once spring comes. If you’re ready to buy or sell a ranch or farm, our experts at United Country Real Estate are ready to help. Visit to find a ranchland or farmland professional near you.




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