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United Farm and Ranch Management (UFARM) is a Nebraska-based company devoted to meeting landowners’ needs.

UFARM offers a full range of Nebraska land management services, including real estate sales, rural property appraisals, consultations and crop insurance. UFARM has operated in Nebraska since the early 1930’s.

Why choose a UFARM Professional Farm Manager?

Farming is not just a way of life anymore; it is clearly a business. To be successful, farm operators and landowners need to gather, store and interpret information about the farm and apply modern technology to it. Such things as soil testing and fertilizer recommendations, along with seed selection and marketing of crops, can make a critical difference in net income. A three-way partnership between a landowner, farm manager and local operator often is the best way of combining the physical, managerial and financial resources needed to successfully run a farm today.

Nearly 40 percent of Nebraska’s agricultural land is farmed by someone other than the owner, with more than a quarter of that land managed by professional farm managers. Whether the land has been inherited by a relative who has no farming background or it was purchased as an investment, many landowners simply don’t have the time, interest or experience to run a farm. They also have the added burden of trying to keep up with technological advances and new marketing strategies.

At UFARM, we strive to know our clients and learn what their objectives, goals and dreams are for their farm. As the manager, we identify any problems and seek solutions with the client. Our clients decide how involved they would like to be in management decisions, either directly involved day to day or by delegating most decisions to their trusted farm advisor.