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Bass Fishing in a Creek

Posted by United Country on April 26, 2017
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If you have a knack for fishing, but don’t want to leave the comforts of your own property, you can still enjoy a fun angling experience catching bass in a creek or small stream. Bass migrate through channels and streams and can also lay motionless in the current for long periods of time making a creek or shallow channel perfect for catching the big one.

We’ve provided some tips on how you can have success while fishing shallow waters on your recreational property.

Find a good location. Think shallow. You can easily catch a nice sized bass in 3-4 feet of water. Stay close to the channel or a drop if possible. Even a small drop like six inches can be a suitable spot. A bend is also a good place because there are usually variations of depth to provide good locations for baitfish and other creatures to flourish – which attracts bass.

Use the right bait. Buzzbait, spinnerbait and small flat-sided balsa crankbaits are a few of the best baits for bass fishing in shallow waters. They float high in water column and are more snag resistant. If you want to go more natural, worms, insect larvae and small insects work well.

Cast to the same target. Hit the same target at least a half dozen times or more. Cast from every spot and angle to the same target. Bass can ignore your bait or lure until it’s sent from a precise angle. Your job is to find that spot.

Be sneaky. Any avid fisherman knows that fish can get spooked by a lot of noise. But don’t let your primary focus be on staying as quiet as possible. Relax, use common sense and keep trying.

If none of your techniques are working, switch things up. Use different bait, try a lure or fish another depth. Creek fishing can be highly successful if you play your cards right. Just remember that channels and drop-offs are an important part of a bass habitat. The best part is, if you have a creek or small stream on your recreational property, you can catch dinner any time you want.

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