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Fly Fishing 101

Posted by United Country on July 28, 2017
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It’s summer, the weather is hot, the days are long and everyone is looking to get outside. From camping and hiking, to fishing and biking – now is the time to find your niche. If you’re looking to expand your fishing from the pond in your neighborhood to something more exciting, fly fishing is a great place to start.

Fly fishing is a method of fishing that uses an artificial ‘fly’ to catch fish and a significantly different cast from other forms of fishing. Using natural looking flies, fishermen provoke fish to strike (bite) at the fly. Although specific techniques vary based on the habitat.

The hard part? Finding the fish. The basic steps to getting started include:

– Observation: When and where are the fish out? What are they eating?

– Imitation: Does your fly look like the type of food your intended target eats? Look for bugs and find a pattern that imitates them.

– Presentation: This one is key, learn how to get your fly to the fish in a natural and lifelike manner. Cast upstream to places you think fish might be holding. This is more difficult than it sounds and may take lots of practice.

Gear is also a critical piece of the puzzle, with many different rods available, depending on the cast you are hoping to achieve.

Many fly fishers like to see how many different species of fish they can attract with a certain fly. Although trout, salmon, pike and carp are among the most popular, some saltwater fish such as wahoo, tuna and marlin can also be caught on the fly. Ultimately, any fish can be caught using this technique, as long as the fly itself is a replication of the main food source for the fish.

The great thing about fly fishing is that you can do it nearly anywhere, you don’t need a large body of water or saltwater to catch diverse types of fish. From Colorado to Maine, United Country has offices around the country that specialize in recreational and fishing properties. With properties on lakes, ponds, rivers and streams, United Country has it.

If you’re looking to spend more time outdoors, contact United Country Real Estate. We can help make your dream a reality. Or visit to find a property to match your lifestyle.


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