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Plan for Success in the Off-Season

Posted by United Country on December 1, 2016
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When the deer season comes to an end, it doesn’t mean a hunter’s job is done. Sure, the early morning wake up calls and excitement of being out one with nature is over, but there are many things a hunter has to and should do to keep his or her hunting land in tip-top shape for next season.

A lot of off-season planning takes time and money. Things like habitat improvement, trail cam surveys and analyzing/enhancing feeding programs are just a few. We’ve broken down some of the major spots to hit to make your success of landing a big buck in closer reach.

  • Manage your land. To land the biggest buck, you’ll want to keep the herd as healthy as possible. Plant plenty of food plots, plant mast-producing trees and plenty of minerals. Keeping your land a healthy habitat for the herd will ensure they spend most of their time there.
  • Protect your hunting camp. If you have a cabin or small shack on your property that you use during hunting season, you should think about protecting your property from other hunters or burglars. Protect your camp by having insurance, recording serial numbers of any items kept in the cabin and even setting up cameras to keep watch.
  • Never stop scouting. Treat hunting as a 12-month a year activity. Analyze habitat and terrain all year long. Watch deer patterns and look for prime targets for next year from the sky and the ground.
  • Mark your location. Locate key areas that you want to hit for next season and mark those spots. If you cut shooting lands and clear out entry and exit roots, it will only take simple upkeep and monitoring for next season.
  • Keep your cameras ready. The off-season isn’t the time to put away your trail-cameras. Keeping them in tact can get you a jump on finding a trophy deer. It will help cover more ground and get an assessment of how deer survive during the seasons.

Even though you might be thinking about turkey hunting and fishing in the spring, prepping early is a small investment of time and work that can keep you right in the middle of a target rich environment when the season comes around.

United Country Real Estate has experts in real estate who are also avid hunters all across the United States. If you’re interested in your own hunting land, contact us today.


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