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Rock Climbing Basics

Posted by United Country on June 7, 2018
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When you own recreational property, there are so many opportunities to keep yourself active and engaged on your land whether it’s hunting, hiking, water sports or fishing, the opportunities are endless. Some properties may even be lucky enough to have beautiful boulders ready to be tackled. If you’re ready for fun and a dose of adrenaline, rock climbing might be for you.

Here are some tips on how you can get started and enjoy rock climbing while also being safe.

Pick your type. There are different types of climbing you can do. You might want to get some practice doing indoor climbing before making the leap to outdoor. Then, you can ease you way into bouldering. It doesn’t require a lot of time or gear and will only take you to small heights. Once you get more advanced, you can move on to traditional climbing (trad climbing) where you place your own protection along longer routes.

Find an expert. An introductory class from a certified instructor is the best way to get started. Even after, finding a guide or experienced partner to teach you the ropes is your best bet for safety.

Gear up. When you start climbing on your own (or without an instructor/class that provides your gear) you’ll need to buy gear of your own. This includes a helmet, rock climbing shoes, carabiners, chalk, climbing harness, ropes, climbing protection and belay device.

Map out your route. Once you’re ready to go, pick what route you want to take. Many rock climbing routes are already ready and labeled. For beginners, start with a 5.5. The higher you get, the more difficult the route is.

Side tip: prepare for the weather. Just like in hiking, be prepared for rain, wind, sweat and even colder temps if you hike in higher altitudes. Take some extra clothing with you just in case you need to change or add clothing.

No matter where or when you decide to climb, remember safety first. You may be able to watch tutorials on the Internet, but nothing replaces taking a class and working with a certified instructor face-to-face.

If you’re looking to buy recreational land so you can rock climb on your own time, contact one of our experts at United Country Real Estate today. Visit for more information.




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