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Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation


Land Protection
The RMEF permanently protects crucial elk winter and summer ranges, migration corridors, calving grounds and other vital areas, while focusing on securing and improving hunter access throughout elk country. Our land conservation tools include: acquisitions, access agreements and easements, conservation easements, land and real estate donations, land exchanges and associated acres.Since 1984, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has permanently protected more than 1,700 square miles of prime habitat for elk and other wildlife across the country.The RMEF uses advanced habitat mapping technology (GIS) to identify and prioritize the most crucial elk winter and summer ranges, migration corridors and calving areas. We then work with our partners, including willing landowners, government agencies, corporations, foundations and other conservation groups to permanently protect the most critical habitat and target areas for public access. Our land conservation tools include: land acquisitions, access agreements and easements, land and real estate donations, contributions, land exchanges and associated acres.
Habitat Stewardship
Healthy habitat is essential for healthy elk and other wildlife. The RMEF helps fund and conduct a variety of projects to improve essential forage, water, cover and space components of wildlife habitat, and supports research and management efforts to help maintain productive elk herds and habitat.Providing high quality habitat (food, water, cover and space) is key to ensuring the future of elk and other wildlife. Research and management projects help manage elk in ways that guarantee productive herds and provide hunter opportunity.


Elk Restoration
The RMEF works to reestablish elk herds in historic ranges where the habitat and human cultural tolerance create a high potential for self-sustaining herds.