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Landowners: We Can Work Together

Do you have a farm available for rent? We have a large database of farmers, in your area, that have asked to be notified each time a new farm becomes available. Our exclusive FindAndFarm software alerts a large database of professional operators each time a new farm becomes available for rent. The FindAndFarm website disperses plat maps, aerials, soil information, and other documents directly to operators that have registered with our service.Proposals from operators are received electronically by a Licensed Real Estate Agent and shared with you, the land owner. This is an opportunity for you, or you and your real estate agent, to compare packages, accomplish phone/in-person interviews, and call references if you like.Your agent will work with you to coordinate lease agreements, rent payments, and facilitates lease renewals.Agents: Build Revenue with Us

If you are an established farm manager wanting to increase your business, or if you are new to farm management and seeking local leads, FindAndFarm is here to help. We have farmers looking for rental opportunities in your area. And local land owners are browsing the FindAndFarm website seeking Real Estate Agents to assist them with identifying quality tenants. Now is the time to position yourself as the expert in your county.

FindAndFarm’s exclusive software simplifies the farm leasing process by automating the bid/proposal process. Real Estate Agents negotiate commissions directly with land owners, in exchange advertising properties for rent on FindAndFarm.com. Agents’ field inquiries about the properties, show the farms if necessary, receive bids electronically, share/review bids with the land owner, and ultimately assist with the owner/operator lease agreement.

Owners benefit by having more bid/proposals to choose from and operators benefit by having the opportunity to apply for farms that otherwise they may not have known about. This is a winning combination for owner, operator, and agent.

Additionally, you may receive leads identifying land owners in your area that are interested in having an agent facilitate locating an operator. Counties are open now. Don’t wait — click “create an account” to benefit from becoming a member of the FindAndFarm network of agents.

Note: only licensed Real Estate Agents are allowed to advertise properties on FindAndFarm.