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MapRight was founded by professional cartographer Steve Roberson. While Steve had extensive GIS knowledge and worked with top-of-the line mapping systems, he realized there were a couple of significant problems with the mapping industry. For one, the mapping process was complicated and cumbersome for professionals who didn’t have a lot of GIS knowledge, like real estate brokers and land managers. And in many cases, even professionally done maps looked generic and required viewers to have some understanding of the land.

To create MapRight, Steve stripped traditional GIS mapping systems down to the essentials, then put those essentials into an easy-to-use digital toolbox. From that toolbox, novice and professional mappers alike can create impressive maps and map templates for a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the time. MapRight’s tools and layers are designed to create maps that are beautiful, easy to read and ready to be shared with anybody. The application requires virtually no formal training and is supported by a team of experienced mappers out of Dallas, Texas.

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