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What You Need to Know if Buying a Home in a Golf Community

Posted by abreitenbach on May 11, 2021

For avid golfers, the idea of owning a primary or vacation home in a golf community is a dream. In many communities, you get some privacy from neighbors and beautiful views of the fairway. If you’re thinking of buying a golf home, there are many things to consider.

Pick a location that best suits you.

There are prime golf communities all over the United States. Obviously, the most popular states for golf homes are Florida, Arizona, South Carolina and California due to golf opportunities year-round. If it’s important to be able to golf all year, a southern state might be your best bet. However, there are beautiful homes at affordable prices in just about every state. You’ll also want to decide if you want to be in a small town or closer to a larger city.

Understand the restrictions.

Under any community with a HOA, there will be restrictions and mandates you’ll need to follow. For example, some require your home to be a certain color and your landscaping will need to be properly maintained with limited trees and limits to the height of your bushes and grass. You’ll also need to check to see if there are restrictions to items you can set up in your back yard, for example, like a swing set.

Find one with key amenities.

Golf communities offer a lot more than just golf. Many have pools, tennis courts, restaurants, bars and other large areas for social gatherings. Just like with any home, find a property that has the key amenities that fit the needs and wants of you and your family.

Don’t forget about added expenses.

While there are many perks to owning a golf home, many of those perks come with added costs. Make sure you find out exactly what extra expenses you’ll need to pay like maintenance fees, golf dues, HOA dues and property taxes.

The most important part of buying a golf property is to find a real estate agent who is experienced in helping people buy and sell golf properties. An experienced agent will be able to help guide you through the process and answer any questions you might have.

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