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Benefits of Land Ownership

The Benefits of Investing in Land

Feb 21, 2024
A central facet of the American dream is the ownership of property. While many consider this to simply be a house o ...
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What are Agricultural Exemptions

What are Agricultural Exemptions and How Do ...

Jan 11, 2024
A little over 1 billion acres of land across the USA is considered agricultural. This could be for a variety of pur ...
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Largest Paper Mills US

Top 10 Largest Paper Mills in the US

Jan 02, 2024
Around 409 million metric tons of paper are produced and consumed each year. 58% of paper is globally used for pack ...
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Buying Land In Canada

Dec 20, 2023
Real Estate investors looking for new opportunities are now turning to Canada to diversify their portfolios. Purcha ...
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What are Federal Lands

What Are Federal Lands

Nov 30, 2023
Federal lands refer to lands owned, managed, and administered by the Federal government. Federal lands including na ...
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Basic Facts About Wildfires

Basic Facts About Wildfires

Nov 13, 2023
Wildfires have always been a global concern due to their destructive impact. Climate change, warmer temperatures, a ...
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2023 Largest Private Landowners in the US

2023 Top Ten Largest Private Landowners In t...

Oct 14, 2023
60% of land in the U.S. is privately owned. In total, 77 million people own 1.3 billion acres of land. Here are the ...
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Leasing land For Hunting

Leasing Land for Hunting

Oct 09, 2023
Hunting season is right around the corner which means that hunters will be looking for alternatives to public land ...
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Farmland values 2023

2023 Farmland Real Estate Value by State

Sep 21, 2023
2023 has seen a continuing increase in the value of land across the United States, according to the USDA National A ...
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Rising land prices

Land Prices Rising in the Midwest

Feb 25, 2022
Land prices in the Midwest have risen double digits in the last two years. In some areas, reports show more than 20 ...
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