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Best Horse Breeds for a Ranch

Posted by abreitenbach on October 29, 2021

The term “ranch” can mean a lot of different things depending on your location and your end goal for your ranching business. So, if you’re looking to add horses to your operation or want to know more about horse breeds that could benefit your business, there are more than 250 breeds that each have their own special qualities. Below are our top picks for ranch horses.

American Quarter Horse: Quarter horses are one of the best breeds in the world in endurance and trainability. They are known for their intelligence, docility, speed and elegance. Not only are they great work horses, but they also shine in the show ring.

Arabian: Known for its endurance and speed, the Arabian is one of the most popular horse breeds in the country. It is well-suited for cutting large herds of cattle or chasing down other livestock. The downfall? Arabians are also one of the most expensive breeds, so you’ll need to check your budget.

Draft Breeds: Draft breeds like Clydesdales and shires are known for their strength and ability to pull large, heavy loads. They have thick manes and coats making them adaptable in colder climates. Known as gentle giants, these breeds are great for first time horse owners as they have docile and loving personalities.

Morgan: One of the oldest horse breeds in the U.S., the Morgan is also one of the most diverse and versatile. Over time, they’ve been bred with different bloodlines with many particularly well-suited for ranch work. They can also be great show horses.

Mustang: This breed excels in many things like endurance, trailing and ranch work. They are tough and can normally handle any of the hard work thrown at them on a ranch. Because they have lived in the wild, they have been through long travels on tough terrain.

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