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Best Places to Own a Ranch

Feb 03, 2021
There are many different kinds of ranches in operation in just about every state. But are some states or areas bett ...
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Tips for Buying and Selling a Home in the Co...

Dec 16, 2020
If you’re one of those thinking of buying or selling a home in the country, we’ve asked some of our experts to prov ...
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What are Cattle Used for?

Oct 15, 2020
More than 57 million tons of beef are produced each year. But beef products aren’t the only thing ranchers and farm ...
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Find the Best Ranch Broker

Jul 28, 2020
Experience, knowledge, availability and a proven record of success are qualities you are likely looking for when se ...
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COVID-19 Effects on the Ranch Industry

Jun 29, 2020
If you’ve gone to the grocery store lately, you might have noticed the shelves in the beef department are bare. The ...
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United Country Real Estate Celebrates Nation...

May 15, 2020
May is National Beef Month. The National Cattleman’s Beef Association reports 727,906 beef farms and ranches in the ...
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If the Hat Fits: Cowboy Hat Etiquette

Apr 27, 2020
If you don’t normally wear a cowboy hat, you may not realize that they all aren’t created equal. Cowboy hats have t ...
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Key Tax Tips Every Rancher Should Know

Apr 03, 2020
Ranch life is far from simple and that fact holds true at tax time as well. Operating a ranch often involves multip ...
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Holistic Grazing for Ranch Livestock

Feb 12, 2020
Many ranchers and farmers are already familiar with rotating cattle for grazing in order to keep grass and soil in ...
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Ranchland Expert Feature: Ted Harvey

Jan 31, 2020
United Country Real Estate has been a leader in ranchland sales for 95 years. We have hundreds of dedicated ranchla ...
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