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Preparing Ranch for Hunting Season | United Country

Posted by abreitenbach on December 7, 2022

How to Prepare Your Ranch for Hunting this Season

If you have a ranch, and you are wondering how you are going to prepare it for the hunting season so that your very own ranch reaches its full potential, there are steps to take.  Preparation is always key to having a great deer hunting season.


You can either prepare your ranch for your hunting goals or you can lease your land to grow your profits.  Many ranch owners would transform their ranch into a blaze orange one to provide food sources for deer.


Preparation goes a long way when hunting.  Every effort you make to prepare will place you a step further in winning, so keep on reading to learn the steps on preparing your ranch so that it will pay you big dividends down the road.


When To Start Preparing for Deer Season

Enjoying the hunting season begins with proper preparation.  Preparing your ranch should be done at the right time so that you get to reap maximum benefits.  Summer is the best time to prepare your ranch because you will not need to worry about the weather.  Do all the prep work on your ranch during summer to have a bountiful deer hunting season.  


Remember that early preparation will help ensure your success in all hunting aspects and will bring you closer to dropping that big buck.  Do not procrastinate preparing your ranch because even as the mercury is rising, the cooler deer hunting season will be here in no time.


Tips to Improve Hunting

Here are some of the best tips available to help you prepare your ranch this summer for hunting season:

Create Food Sources

Food sources for your deer to graze on is one of the most important preparations you need to make.  You will be able to attract wildlife, especially deer, to your ranch when they know they are being served bountiful meals. 


Examples of effective food sources to attract deer to your ranch include:

  • Feeders
  • Food plots
  • Attractants

Use natural vegetation with fertilizer for a robust greenery where deer can forage.  If possible, plan a 10-year strategy on how you can create food sources on your ranch for consistent deer hunting success over the coming years.  


A 10-year strategy should include adding trees that are very attractive to deer.  Trees provide many food items for deer like acorns and other foodstuff.  A flourishing ranch with much greenery will go a long way in consistently bringing animal life to your hunting land.


The key to creating food sources for animal life in preparation for the hunting season is proper ranch management.  A management plan for deer hunting will include adding supplemental fees or hang-out feeders.  

Place a fence on your ranch around areas that are planted with Evolved Harvest Throw and Grow.  You can also add mineral salt blocks and other deer attractants that are legal in your area.


Other options of natural foods to include in your ranch are muscadines, persimmons, dogwoods, honeysuckle, clover, berries, and old fruit trees.  More attractive food sources in your ranch are fields planted with soybean, alfalfa, corn, and wheat.


Buy an Interactive Map

If your ranch has a larger area that can be transformed into a recreational area for hunting, you can buy an interactive map to make deer hunting more interesting.  It may cost a few hundred dollars to hire a management team to do the work for you.  


First, create a solid overall strategy that will allow you to click on an area or section of your property to view the next step in your future habitat management plan.


An interactive map will make it easier for you to plan for each deer hunting season and to monitor your progress in preparation for each hunting season. 


Install Webcams

Webcams are an important element in a ranch that helps you monitor what is going on in each section.  You will be able to identify the wildlife and bird species that are prevalent in your ranch and the potential animal life that will be present during the hunting season. 


Strategically install webcams in locations in your ranch that will let you know where deer will usually live, bed, feed, and water.  Document your findings with photos taken with the webcams. The information you gather will be able to help you create better strategies in future hunting seasons.


Determine Your Wildlife Habitat

You should be able to identify the common wildlife that visits your ranch and nearby properties.  Will there be deer for hunting?  


Learn how the changing seasons, climate, geography, watershed, forests, and other factors in your ranch affect how wildlife can be attracted to your ranch.  If you have just purchased your ranch, you can ask your neighbors about the wildlife habitat in your area.


If you want a successful hunting season, know how much coverage you have in your ranch.  What animals are around and what food sources are available for wildlife?  Certain ranch elements like slow-moving water, ponds, nesting grasses, and trees are attractive to ducks and geese. 


Birds, on the other hand, will be attracted to other ranch food sources like buds, catkins, leaves, and twigs that they can eat.  


Set Up Some Hunting Stands

There are a few options for hunting stands that you can install on your ranch to prepare for the hunting season.  Deer hunting stands are great because they get you off the ground and make the ground clearance so that you are out of the deer’s line of sight. 

Hunting stands also offer a better view of the terrain of your ranch.

Types of deer hunting stand that you can install in your ranch to prepare for the hunting season include

  • Ladder deer hunting stand
  • Climbing deer hunting stand
  • Hang-on deer hunting stand  

Consult Another Rancher

Hunting on your land will not be possible if you don’t own a ranch now.  But, this will not stop you from hunting because there may be nearby ranch owners who will offer their ranch for hunting.  Save up by hunting on another rancher’s property if you don’t have enough money to invest in hunting preparation needs.


Consider driving around and seeking inviting wildlife habitat locations and ask ranchers who are fixing fences or moving cattle if they allow hunting on their private land.  You can also offer help to manage a ranch in exchange for hunting.  Befriend members of the community and join hunter’s clubs to familiarize yourself with the wildlife habitat in the area and know who is offering private land that you can lease for hunting.


Set Limits to Your Hunting Party

Make sure that you set rules and limits for your hunting party.  If you won the ranch, you can begin with a written specific agreement with those who would want to hunt on your property.  If you are leasing a property for hunting, there should still be a specific agreement about hunting terms. 

Limiting the hunts to you and your hunting party will help you be more successful in your hunting game.  Prepare all the agreements needed before the hunting season.


Set Up a Hunting Camp

Having a wide area of land for hunting can be overwhelming to manage all at once, especially during the hunting season.  One way to make the job easier is to set up a hunting camp where you can stock up on hunting equipment and gear.  This will make them more accessible and make hunting more efficient. 


Go a Long Way in Winning Your Hunt During Hunting Season

Get your ranch in order during summer for a more successful hunting season.  Plant necessary food sources that are attractive to deer and other wildlife. 

Install webcams and hunting stands to make hunting more strategic, efficient, and convenient.  Follow the steps in preparing for a hunting game with big dividends so that you will be able to properly manage both your ranch and your hunting adventure at the same time. 

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