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Care Tips for Your Working Horse

Posted by UC Social on January 11, 2019

It’s almost necessary to have a good working horse to run a successful ranch, but horses are a big responsibility and require a lot of care. If you want to keep your horse healthy and strong, here are some simple guidelines you can follow.

Feed them properly.

Horses need basic nutrition like protein, vitamins, energy and water. A horse’s total protein should be about 10 percent of its diet. Vitamins and minerals will most likely be in the hay it eats, given that it’s good quality hay. If your horse isn’t getting enough vitamins, consider a supplement. You can also give them treats like carrots or other premade goodies.

Groom regularly.

To keep its coat and hooves healthy, make sure you’re grooming your horse regularly. Invest in a soft brush, hard plastic brush, hoof pick and a shedding blade. These tools will keep their coats clean and shiny and their hooves free of any debris.

Swat away flies. Flies can be a big pain for horses.

Have a bottle of fly spray and fly repellant ointment on hand. Horses are also prone to small cuts and minor injuries. Keeping an animal first aid kit around will keep you prepared for emergencies. Many horse owners also recommend wound powder to dry up any blood.

Give them shelter and space.

Horses will need shelter from extreme weather like wind, rain and sun. Make sure you have a shed or plenty of trees to help shelter them. On the other side, they also need the space to be able to run around unless exercised daily. Tethering them is only ok for short increments on time.

These are just a few of horse’s basic needs. It’s always important to regularly see a veterinarian for vaccinations and other check-ups to make sure your horse is healthy. Have a plan in place in case of an emergency and even consider having your horse microchipped for identification purposes.

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