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Fat Biking on Your Land

Posted by abreitenbach on January 13, 2022

For those that live or vacation in areas that receive a lot of snow, wintertime outdoor sports have traditionally been limited to skiing, snowmobiling and snowshoeing. However, in recent years a new form of outdoor sport called fat biking has been changing the way people have fun and get around in the winter.


What exactly is a fat bike? In a broad sense it’s simply an off-road bicycle with extremely wide, high-volume tires. Whereas a traditional mountain bike has approximately two-inch-wide tires, fat bikes use tires that measure anywhere from three to six inches wide. These mammoth tires allow fat bikes to traverse terrain that’s off-limits to regular bicycles. Unlike a normal bike tire, high-volume fat bike tires can float on top of snow without sinking in, allowing riders to enjoy snowmobile and cross-country skiing trails. And fat bikes aren’t just limited to snow. Those wide tires mean you can take a ride on a sandy beach as well; plus they provide an extra bit of cushion for a more comfortable ride on trails and paths.


The versatility of fat bikes has made them into the fastest-growing segment in bicycling over the past few years. Bicycle shops in colder climates that used to have to close up shop during the winter are now enjoying year-round business as riders take to the snow. These bikes are even becoming popular with hunters, as their all-terrain capabilities and zero emissions allow for a quicker way to access wilderness areas that are off-limits to motorized vehicles.


Operation of a fat bike is identical to any other bicycle, and many of the same parts are used. The only specialized equipment necessary to maintain a fat bike is a low-pressure tire gauge, as standard bicycle tire gauges cannot accurately display the extremely low tire pressures fat bikes tires utilize. Any other required maintenance can be performed by a mechanic at a reputable bicycle shop. Fat bikes typically range in price from around $200 to well over $3,000 depending on brand and components.


If you’re interested in owning a bicycle that can truly be used in every season, a fat bike might be a smart choice for you. You can take to the snow, take to the beach or just cruise local trails and paths on what is surely one of the most unique vehicles to come along in quite some time. If you’re interested in finding your own piece of property for fat biking or any other sort of recreational pursuit, visit our specialty website for recreational and hunting properties to view our entire selection of recreational land for sale.




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