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Recreational Land Gains Popularity

Posted by abreitenbach on February 21, 2022

For today’s urbanites, discovering life outside the city is like a breath of fresh air, and many have taken the leap to move to rural areas of the country over the last couple of years. Purchasing a recreational property in the country allows you to have your own space to fish, hunt and enjoy the outdoors with the sense of security only known to property owners. You can live on it, grow on it and hunt on it.

The process for purchasing recreational property is really quite straightforward; it’s only taking that first leap that proves difficult.

“Everyone wants to do it, it’s just actually taking the first step that’s the problem,” said Bruce Witt, real estate agent with United Country | The O’Connor Agency in Cameron, Mo. “Once you’ve been around the peace and quiet of the country, you want it. I’ve never had anyone get angry at me for selling them land. They’ve just been mad that I haven’t sold them enough. Today, more than ever, the problem is that we just can’t get enough land for sale.”

Witt is an expert at selling large tracts of recreational property with the results to prove it. One large sale he had in the last few years was 500 acres to the Army Corps of Engineers to help reestablish the Missouri River and preserve wildlife habitat.

In addition to providing wildlife conservation, recreational property can be a smart investment. Even if you purchase a piece of land that doesn’t prove ideal for your needs, the current market provides a climate where it can be easily sold. According to Witt, land investment can prove to be more lucrative than the stock market, as land is a limited commodity and it’s unlikely you’ll lose money if you purchase the right tract in the right location.

To begin the process of buying, you must first decide where you want to be. Is it important for it to be close to where you live, or is a more remote location acceptable? The easier it is to get to the property, the more you’ll use it and the longer you’ll keep it. Once you’ve decided on a location it’s time to get connected to someone who is an expert in that area.

“It’s really important to find a good real estate agent with recreational property experience,” said Witt. “Recreational properties are like fingerprints; no two properties are alike. United Country is a great example of finding an expert. We are the only major player in real estate that’s in the country on purpose.”

The next item on the purchasing checklist is to check out a lender. Witt stresses that financing recreational property isn’t a zero-percent-down type of transaction. Large urban lenders will most likely not be as helpful as local banks that specialize in lending for land. Your local recreational property expert can likely point you in the direction of several banks that can assist you in this area.

If you’re considering recreational property ownership, talk to your nearest recreational property expert, or contact the Conservation Federation of Missouri. Witt personally vouches for the educational information and expertise the Federation supplies. You can also start your search by viewing hundreds of recreational listings across the nation on United Country Real Estate’s website at

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