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Raising a family in the country

Why Raise Your Family in the Country?

Jul 29, 2021
More space, less crime, cleaner environment, cost of living and community involvement are just a few of the main re ...
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Country Life vs. City Life

Why Country Life is Better than City Life

May 27, 2021
I know we are a little bias when it comes to country living versus city life since it’s what we do. But who better ...
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Pet Proofing Your Country Home

Feb 03, 2021
Pets are a lot like children when it comes to pet proofing your home. Things that can be hurtful to an infant can a ...
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Snow Removal for a country home

Snow Removal Tips for a Country Home

Jan 21, 2021
When you own a home in the country in a region where winters can bring snow and ice, you definitely have your work ...
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Farmhouse picture

Tips for Buying and Selling a Home in the Co...

Dec 16, 2020
If you’re one of those thinking of buying or selling a home in the country, we’ve asked some of our experts to prov ...
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What is a Country Home?

Oct 15, 2020
When someone says they live in the country, what exactly does that mean? The answer will most likely vary depending ...
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The History of the American Front Porch

Sep 01, 2020
The American front porch was originally developed more than 125 years ago. Although it is mostly for looks today, t ...
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Taking Care of a Pool for Your Country Home

Jul 28, 2020
It’s summer, which means the scorching heat is back! On days like these, what’s better than jumping in cool water o ...
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Featured Country Homes for Sale

Jun 01, 2020
Featured Country Homes for Sale If you’re searching to get away from the crowds, noise and stress, a home in the co ...
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The Ins and Outs of Outdoor Cooking

Apr 27, 2020
If you have a home in the country, you probably have a lot of extra space to add fun things like a fire pit, Dutch ...
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