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10 Places to Own a Country Home | United Country Real Estate

Posted by abreitenbach on June 10, 2022

Best Places to Own a Country Home

If you’re tired of all the stress and anxiety that comes with living in the city, perhaps this is a sign for you to buy a place in the country. Country homes are selling fast today as more and more people love the idea of a laid back lifestyle, wide-open spaces, a yard, and an easy commute.

But where exactly should you go? The best places to own a home in the United States typically contain bustling cities.

Fortunately, there’s a separate list of the best places to own a country home. The Progressive Farmer publication issued a February list that details exactly where you can find a place to purchase a country home.

These rural counties were chosen based on several factors including health care, access to education, crime rate, picturesque surroundings, taxes, availability of commodities, transportation, and so on.

Take a look!

Warren County, Pennsylvania

As of 2010, this county has less than 42,000 residents. The neighborhood itself has a breathtaking view thanks to forestry hills, the Allegheny River that cuts through the town, and the classical buildings.

Here, you can experience all the colors of the season and there are activities you can enjoy any time of the year. Fishing in famed water spots, hiking, and skiing are just some of the most popular activities in the area.

It’s also the site of the Allegheny National Forest where you can set up camp and just enjoy the outdoors. The county is served by several public schools and numerous private schools.

Randolph County, Illinois

As of the 2020 Census, Randolph County only has around 30,000 residents. This makes the area incredibly peaceful with a low crime rate. During the festival season, however, you can expect an influx of festival-goers as the town celebrates Elzie Segar.

The cool thing about Randolph County is the fact that most people use river transportation to move from one spot to the next. As a result, you’re fairly guaranteed fresh air and green surroundings.

Most of the residents earn their income through agriculture, so their farmer’s market is one of the freshest and most diverse you’ll ever see!

Barren County, Kentucky

The 2020 Census says there are around 44,000 people in Barren County. The small population means there are acres worth of farmland and residents who take care of each other. The crime rate is pretty low and thanks to the rich agricultural produce, small businesses are thriving in Barren County.

The town is popular for its historical background because it was originally occupied by the Scots-Irish. As a result, you can see the culture in their architecture that remains standing today.

Union County, South Dakota

Union County is aptly named because this is where the Big Sioux River and the Missouri River merge. To add to that, the merging of these two great rivers creates a soil that’s rich and perfect for farming. Don’t be fooled, though, this town is popular for its excellent education system.

It’s home to a Blue Ribbon school, aside from the different public and private schools with excellent tutelage. For families, Union County may be the perfect home.

St. Lawrence County, New York

The State of New York is still one of the best places to buy a house if you know where to look. Specifically, St. Lawrence is known for hosting the Frederic Remington Art Museum and even a top-notch music school!

Staying here, you get your choice of numerous outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, and camping. As of the last census, the county has a population of 108,000.

Gillespie County, Texas

With a population of less than 30,000, Gillespie County is one of the most peaceful places to own a country home. It’s your typical Texas County with rows of flowers that bloom each spring.

Cattle ranches are the main economic source of the town, but you can also find citrus farms and peach orchards in the area. There are major highways close to the county but note that there are ghost towns located in the area.

Garfield County, Oklahoma

Garfield County is primarily an agricultural town except for several businesses that serve the general public. It also has the notable Vance Air Force Base and two top-notch medical centers. As of 2010, there were 60,000 residents in the area.

Sac County, Iowa

Another agricultural haven, Sac County is home to corn farms and soybean farms. It’s a classic country scene with residents who know each other and enjoy community events like the Farmall Promenade.

It became popular thanks to geocaching, but a lot of people also visit the area because of its wonderful natural sites.

Amador County, California

This beautiful county has the privilege of experiencing different climates throughout the year. It’s one of the best places to own a country home if you happen to love wine.

After all, this is a wine region with acres of grapes grown on farms. As of 2020, there are roughly 40,000 residents living in the area.

Part of the county covers the Eldorado National Forest and the Mokelumne Wilderness, both of which are protected areas.

Polk County, North Carolina

Practically untouched, Polk County nestles in its own little cocoon of country bliss. The neighboring counties are fast-growing, but Polk has managed to retain its old-world charm.

It sits at the foot of the Appalachians and draws tourists by the thousands thanks to its beautiful scenery. Unsurprisingly, tourism is the prime source of income for its residents.

Ready To Purchase Your Dream Home?

You can find a place to purchase practically anywhere, but why choose a busy and stressful city when you can find somewhere that’s fun and relaxing?

Take a good look at the areas listed above and choose your perfect spot for a county home. Note, though, that no matter where you intend to settle, it’s important to choose a local real estate agent to help you with your transaction.

This guarantees you’ll have direct access to agents who know exactly what’s happening on the ground.

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