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What Top Home Renovations Should You Be Planning This Summer?

Posted by lexiz on June 5, 2024

Whenever the warm weather starts to hit, images of late evening barbeques and cool water hole dips spring to life. While you definitely want to enjoy all the outdoors has to offer in the summer, this is also a fantastic opportunity to invest in your home for a few upgrades.

Home renovations allow you to transform your living space into a more welcoming area aligned with your personality and family’s functional needs. In this article, we’ll cover some of the more popular projects that boost your real estate value and improve the overall feel of your home.

Quick Steps to a Successful Home Renovation

Real quickly, you want to ease your stress levels as much as possible whenever undertaking any home renovation—regardless of the season. Here is a quick list of steps to help you plan each project so everyone in your family is on board.

  • Define your goals
  • Set a budget
  • Hire professionals
  • Choose durable materials
  • Plan for the weather
  • Secure necessary permits
  • Prioritize projects
  • Consider energy efficiency
  • Keep functionality in mind
  • Stay flexible

It would help if you also planned on a 10-15% buffer over the estimated costs. If you don’t use it, you’ll have a great start to next season’s budget or this year’s holiday season. Now, let’s move on to our fantastic summer home improvement projects list.

Top Home Renovations for This Summer

1. New Paint Job

It is incredible how a fresh coat of paint can transform your property. It is one of the impactful ways to brighten up the interior spaces that are less often used. Consider a holistic color scheme that matches the overall theme or style of your space, and don’t forget the power of an eye-catching accent wall to switch things up.

While this is a significant DIY summer renovation, hiring a college team can save money and free up your schedule for more beach visits.

2. Boost Curb Appeal

Most real estate agents will tell you to enhance your curb appeal whenever you put your home on the market. How your home looks on the exterior determines how inviting it feels after a long day of work.

Think about home renovation projects like coloring your front door, purchasing functional and fun porch furniture, adding eco-friendly landscaping with outdoor lighting to your yard, resealing your driveway, and even something as simple as cleaning out the gutters for easier water flow.

3. Update Your Windows & Insulation

About 30% of your home’s heating energy is lost through your windows. Updating your windows with more energy-efficient solutions is the best way to lower your monthly expenses for electricity, oil, and propane.

You may also want to consider insulation in the attic and investigate the framing around any windows you replace. This is an excellent opportunity to check on mold or water damage you may not have noticed before.

4. Adding Home Automation

If you’ve never experienced the joy of setting up your lights to turn on whenever you come home automatically, you really should give it a try. Home automation is easy to integrate in today’s tech-driven world.

With a centralized hub like Amazon Alexa, Google Voice Assistant, or Apple Siri, you can easily control automated shades, energy-efficient thermostats, integrated security features, and audio/video systems.

5. Replace Gates & Fences

While beautifying your property is always helpful in boosting real estate value, you also want to have security for your family, property lines, and pets. The summer allows you to work with unfrozen ground to replace old gates and update any fences.

6. Kitchen & Bathrooms

The two most active places in your home will always be the kitchen and bathrooms. That is where you’ll spend most of your time, especially when entertaining friends and family.

Take your time to plan out such a significant home renovation so you don’t miss any details. You can look at new appliances, modern fixtures, efficient layouts, and premium materials in the sustainable niche that creates wonderful sanctuaries inside your property.

7. Build A Shed

While not necessarily a “home” renovation, adding a shed to your property offers a versatile space for all kinds of purposes. You can have a “she-shed,” store all your yard work materials, or even convert your shack into an Airbnb to add some rental income to your family budget.

If built well, your shed will become a part of your property, boosting the real estate value, and offering more usable space.

8. Add a Deck

The final suggestion you should consider when looking at a long list of home renovation projects is adding a deck. You always want to be a little careful of water runoff so you don’t end up harming the structural integrity of your home, but a quality deck is a magical space.

Suddenly, you have that usable space on your property perfect for hot tubs, evening events with friends, graduation parties with family, or a simple reading nook where you can escape the rest of the world for a while.

Wrapping Up

Whatever home renovations you’re considering completing this summer, remember to combine your home’s functional and aesthetic value. Each of these projects should bring value to your family and your bottom line.

Take your time to plan out during the colder months and be sure to compare pricing with local contractors. That way, when the heat starts to hit, you’re well prepared for a fabulous home renovation success that will boost your property value.

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