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Why Move to a Country: 6 Reasons Why Country Living is In | United Country Real Estate

Posted by abreitenbach on July 20, 2022

Reasons to Live in the Country – Why Country Living is In Vogue Now

When the pace of city living gets too overwhelming and stressful, it might be the best decision to move to a more subdued country. 

City living can be exciting and festive, but more people are considering a laid-back lifestyle.

The countryside offers a peaceful and picturesque style of living. There is also less pollution, less crime, and less traffic. 

This lifestyle is becoming attractive to city folks who have gone tired of the hustle and bustle of the cities.

Rural areas constitute 97 percent of the country’s land but a meager 19.3 percent live there, according to the government census. This means that only one in five Americans live in rural areas or the suburbs.

Although the trend in moving to the country varies in every state, the want for cleaner air, better psychological health, economic stability, exposure to nature, and easy access to organic food, have become valuable reasons for many to switch to country living.


Rural Living vs. City Life

As much as there’s so much to do in the city, people still prefer the stillness and calmness of non-urban areas.

Most retirees also want to settle down in small towns, areas with green fields and don’t want to be bothered by public transportation.

The average commute in the U.S. is 26.1 minutes, which can increase stress levels and anxiety, not to mention the amount of time wasted in traffic.

According to a study, people who live in rural areas have a 20 percent lower risk of dying prematurely than those who reside in cities.


Reasons to Live in the Country

Ditching the old life, craving that fresh air, spending quiet nights; no matter what reasons you are, there’s no denying that living in a rural area offers a variety of benefits.

Here’s why people move to the country:

  • Slower Pace of Life That Improves Psychological Health

Stress in a fast-paced urban setting can be a killer. City life has many benefits like access to shopping centers, restaurants, bars, and the like, but it has many downsides, too. The luster of everything you can do in a city can be blinding and stressful.

And when you have less stress, it makes you feel better. People who have anxiety disorders actually get more stressed in urban areas. A change of pace that is more peaceful can work wonders for your mental health.

In the country, time seems to move at a slower pace because there are fewer places to go to which somehow creates the idea that you have less to do. 

Even with daily responsibilities and chores to accomplish, country living provides a slower pace of life. 

There is no pressure to attend every birthday party, event, or celebration, and beat grueling deadlines.

  • More Economically Sound

Living in the city can shed many dollars from your paycheck. The price of renting a decent space to live in is significantly higher. When that price is compared to rental prices in the country, the difference can surprise you.

The cost of living in rural areas is obviously cheaper than in urban areas. A study found that prices for almost all commodities, including health care and transportation, in the country, are significantly lower than in the city. The price differentiation is 12.7% less in rural areas than in urban areas.

Of course, the prices will still differ depending on the location in each state, but it is a fact that if you want to spend less and save more, you can consider moving to the country.

  • Fresher and Cleaner Air

The farther away you are from traffic, the crowd, and industrial settings, the better quality of the air you get. 

One of the best reasons for moving to the country is the need for cleaner and fresher air which significantly contributes to your overall well-being.

With the abundance of many types of plants in rural areas, especially trees, you get exposed to pollution-free air. 

Fresh and clean air means better breathing and protection from harmful chemicals and particles that saturate the air in urban areas.

  • Less Light and Noise Pollution

Light pollution can dim the natural light of the sky from stars. It also disrupts our Circadian rhythms. This is one of the causes of insomnia for those who live in the  city. Artificial light in cities interferes with the lifestyle and habits of people.

Noise pollution can also cause stress and adverse effects on mental health, sleep, and focus. Sometimes, city life gets very noisy and unhealthy. 

Country living is stripped from all of these forms of pollution.

  • Fresh and Organic Food

The country offers natural food cooked and prepared home style. Although you can easily purchase fruits and vegetables in a supermarket in the city, the freshness of these products in the country makes them healthier to consume.

Most often, there are multiple farms in the country where you can buy really fresh fruit, veggies, and other food items directly from the source. 

Otherwise, you can also grow your own. It is cheaper to purchase land in the country that you can transform into a garden. Check out this guide we created on how to start a farm.

Growing your own vegetables and fruits can offer many health benefits because your product can be free from harmful pesticides.

  • Better Safety

Country living offers a safer living environment. The crime rate in the countryside is significantly lower than in the city. There are fewer people engaged in criminal acts, making it a safer place for you and your family.

Traffic is also lighter in the country which makes it easier and safer for you and your children to move around even on their own. Bike rides in the community are also safer.


Pros and Cons of Living in the Country

Being in the country offers many benefits such as those mentioned above. You can be immersed in a natural environment that will help improve your overall health and wellbeing. 

A natural environment in the country also improves your short-term memory and lowers your blood pressure.

Living in the country also has a number of disadvantages such as:

  • Fewer job opportunities
  • Limited access to healthcare
  • Fewer education opportunities
  • Fewer entertainment options
  • Limited services and conveniences
  • Unique dangers (i.e. wildlife, bugs, forest fires, river floods, etc.)
  • Isolation

Why is Living in the Country Better Than the City?

There are trade-offs when you decide to move from the city to the country. There will be less hustle and bustle, less entertainment, fewer shopping sprees, fewer lights, and many other conveniences that city life offers.

But, if you prefer a more private, quiet, secure, relaxed, and economic life, you can consider moving to the country. Country life offers wide open spaces, rolling hills, and lush forests. 

You can make the switch now to a much slower pace of living in the countryside that can improve both your finances and overall well being.   

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