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Why Raise Your Family in the Country?

Posted by abreitenbach on July 29, 2021

More space, less crime, cleaner environment, cost of living and community involvement are just a few of the main reasons why raising your family in the country is better than the city. Below, we will dive deeper into some of these key factors that you want to consider if you are thinking of packing up and heading to the country.

Lower cost of living. Smaller towns and rural areas typically cost less to live in than its urban counterparts. Homes are cheaper (which means you can get a bigger house), land is more affordable (and there’s more of it) and you can get fresh farm produce at a more affordable price. With the land, you can even grow your own garden.

More one-on-one attention. Smaller school districts mean smaller class sizes, ultimately giving your child or children more one-on-one attention from their teachers. Smaller school districts also bring in the entire community for school events like football games.

Less crime. Statistics show that crime related activities like gangs, drugs and theft happen a lot less in rural areas/smaller towns than they do in bigger cities. So, as a parent, you won’t have to worry as much about your child getting hurt or in trouble.

More space. Having farm land, ranch land or a country home with acreage allows you and your family more space to grow a garden, add animals or just run around freely.

Cleaner environment. With less, or no, busses, trains, cars, factories, etc. around, the air is cleaner and free from many harmful pollutants. Overall, this leads to a healthier lifestyle.

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